Position Paper

Safe and Sustainable Aviation

May 04, 2015


This “green” position paper presents IFALPA’s views on sustainable and environment-friendly aviation. The purpose is to enable a structured approach to environmental matters, i.e. on noise and emissions. Higher-level principles are included as well as specific statements and expert opinions on operational measures, certification, Air Traffic Management (ATM), technology development and economic measures.

The focus point of this paper is the pilot’s perspective on safety and viability of operational measures, ATM improvements and fuel saving schemes. Specific positions on airport design and operations, maintenance, new technological advances in engine and aircraft design, general aircraft weight reductions and end-of-life recycling have been deliberately excluded. These topics play, of course, a major role in improving aviation sustainability and will be mentioned in the relevant sections of this paper, but do not require a particular position from pilots.

The current political and public emphasis lies with greenhouse gas reduction and the anticipated major role of biofuel. The scope of life-cycle assessments for industry processes reaches further: energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, recyclability potential and the use of hazardous material and possibly water use and material scarcity.