Executive Board

Capt. Amornvaj (Ben) Mansumitchai

As President, Captain Mansumitchai is responsible for all aspects of IFALPA's activities and guides the governance of the Federation. Capt. Mansumitchai flies the A350 for Thai Airways and is also a type rating instructor on the A380. He has held the roles of IFALPA Deputy President, EVP Asia/Pacific and RVP Asia/East.


Capt. Juan Carlos Lozano
Deputy President

Captain Juan Carlos Lozano is an Airline Transport Pilot flying the A320 for Iberia Airlines. An IFALPA Accredited Aircraft Accident Investigator, he previously served as IFALPA EVP Europe, Chair of IFALPA’s Accident Analysis & Prevention Committee, as member of the ICAO Safety Management Panel, and as advisor to the IFALPA Representative at the ICAO Safety Information Protection Task Force (SIP-TF).

Capt. Ron Hay
Executive Vice-President Administration, Membership & Finance (EVP AMF)

Captain Hay flies for Delta Air Lines, based in Los Angeles. He has been an instructor and line pilot for over 30 years with four different airlines. He has served IFALPA as RVP US/CEP and as an instructor for Negotiations Seminars. At ALPA-I, Cpt Hay negotiated several contracts to include the merger of Northwest and Delta Air Lines, and served as a local council representative, as well as on multiple committees, including Merger, Grievance, Strategic Planning, and Government Affairs. 

Capt. Al Gaspari
Executive Vice President Professional & Government Affairs (EVP PGA)

Captain Gaspari flies the B757 and 767 for United Airlines and is the Vice-Chair of the UAL Alliance and Scope Oversight Committee. He has served as Chairman of the Associations of Star Alliance Pilots (ASAP) and member of the UAL Master Executive Council. His background includes work with several Committees including Air Safety, Scheduling, and Grievance.

Capt. Uwe Harter
Executive Vice-President Technical & Safety Standards (EVP TSS)

Capt. Harter has served as Chairperson for the HUPER Committee, as well as Board Member Flight Safety and International Affairs for his home association VC, German ALPA. He currently flies the A380 for Lufthansa, based in Munich.

Capt. Daniel Bianco
Executive Vice-President South America (SAM)

Captain Bianco has been working for Aerolineas Argentinas for over 20 years. He is currently Captain on the A330 fleet and has been a flight instructor for both pilots and cabin crews. Captain Bianco is the FESPLA´s General Coordinator and a member of the ITF Pilot Committee.

Capt. Souhaiel Dallel
Executive Vice-President Africa & Middle East (AFI/MID)

Capt. Dallel is TRE/SFE Captain on Tunisair’s A319-320 fleet. He was previously the Federation’s Regional Vice President Africa West.

Capt. Jaffar Hassan
Executive Vice-President Asia & Pacific (APAC)
Capt. Rod Lypchuk
Executive Vice-President Caribbean & North America (CAR/NAM)

Capt. Lypchuk previously served IFALPA as Chairperson of the Administration, Membership, & Finance Committee, and later several terms as Executive Vice-President Administration, Membership & Finance. A pilot for Air Canada Jazz, Capt. Lypchuk flies CRJ series aircraft.

Capt. Paul Reuter
Executive Vice-President Europe