Executive Board

Capt. Amornvaj (Ben) Mansumitchai

As President, Captain Mansumitchai is responsible for all aspects of IFALPA's activities and guides the governance of the Federation. Capt. Mansumitchai flies the A350 for Thai Airways and is also a type rating instructor on the A380. He has held the roles of IFALPA Deputy President, EVP Asia/Pacific and RVP Asia/East.


Capt. Ron Hay
Deputy President

Captain Hay flies the A-350 for Delta Air Lines, based in Los Angeles. He has been an instructor and line pilot for over 35 years with four different airlines. He has served IFALPA as EVP AMF, RVP US/CEP, and as Negotiations Seminar instructor. At ALPA-I, Captain Hay negotiated several pilot contracts to include the merger of Northwest and Delta Air Lines. He has also served as a local council representative, as well as on multiple committees including Merger, Grievance, Strategic Planning, and Government Affairs.

Capt. Wouter Houben
Executive Vice-President Administration, Membership, and Finance (EVP AMF)

Captain Wouter Houben flies the B777 & 787 at KLM, where he has been since 2001. He has been an active board member of his home association, VNV, for seven years, serving first as Secretary and currently as International Affairs representative. Wouter is also a Fatigue/FRMS expert at VNV. Additionally, he has served for six years as a board member and treasurer of the AntiSkid Foundation, supporting aircrew with addiction issues.

F/O Stacey Jackson
Executive Vice-President Technical & Safety Standards (EVP TSS)

F/O Jackson flies B737s NG/MAX for WestJet, based in Toronto, Canada. She is an IFALPA-Accredited Accident Investigator, an Accident Investigation course Instructor and a member of the Accident Investigation Board (AIB) for ALPA International. She also serves as Vice-Chair of the Accident Investigation and Response Committee for the WestJet ALPA MEC. She is a Subject Matter Expert in Human Factors and is completing a PhD in Aerospace with a focus in emergency egress and cabin safety centered design.

Capt. Kevin Judkins
Executive Vice-President Professional Government Affairs (EVP PGA)

Captain Judkins flies the 777 for British Airways. Active in international pilot affairs since 2006 when he became a Union Representative for BALPA, Kevin served as Vice-Chair of the British Airways Company Council (BACC) between 2006-2012 and Chairman between 2012-16. He served as chair of the OCCC between 2018-2021.

Capt. John Sluys
Executive Vice-President Caribbean & North America (CAR/NAM)

Captain Sluys is a long-serving pilot advocate for his home association, ALPA International, and former One World Cockpit Crew Coalition (OCCC) pilot alliance Chair. In his 38 years as an airline pilot, John has held many leadership positions locally, nationally and internationally. His recent focus has been on the threat of Reduced Crew Operations, serving as Global Coordinator of the Action Plan and International Affairs Coordinator for ALPA. Captain Sluys flies the B737 for Alaska Airlines based in Seattle, Washington.

Capt. Daniel Bianco
Executive Vice-President South America (SAM)

Captain Bianco has been working for Aerolineas Argentinas for over 20 years. He is currently Captain on the A330 fleet and has been a flight instructor for both pilots and cabin crews. Captain Bianco is the FESPLA´s General Coordinator and a member of the ITF Pilot Committee.

Capt. Rola Hoteit
Executive Vice-President Africa & Middle East (AFI/MID)

Captain Rola Hoteit has been flying the A330 and A320 for Middle East Airlines, the Lebanese national carrier, for nearly 25 years. Based in Beirut, Captain Hoteit served as IFALPA Regional Vice President MID/East for 12 years. She is a prominent advocate for gender equality in aviation in the region, actively promoting women's rights through public speaking as an ambassador for several national and international NGOs.

Capt. Jaffar Hassan
Executive Vice-President Asia & Pacific (APAC)

Captain Hassan has flown the Boeing 747, 777, the A310, A330, A350, and is currently flying the A380. He is a member of The Airline Pilots' Association Singapore (ALPA-S) and is also an Instructor Pilot on the Airbus A380 at Singapore Airlines.

Capt. Paul Reuter
Executive Vice-President Europe

An airline pilot for nearly three decades, Paul Reuter is currently Captain on the Boeing 737-700 and -800 for Luxair. He has served as president of ALPL, and on the Board of Directors at Luxair. Cpt Reuter is also VP at the European Cockpit Association, Chair of EPPSI (the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative), and an IFALPA Accredited Accident Investigator. Paul was elected a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society in 2021.