Position Paper

Pilot Assistance Programs

May 03, 2017


IFALPA is committed to promoting an inclusive pilot assistance program, dedicated to the promotion of health, well-being, and professional performance for all airline pilots.

It has been demonstrated that Pilot Assistance Programs are effective for dealing with a wide range of problems experienced by pilots. Member Associations (MAs) are strongly encouraged to establish these programs to assist their own members.

Support from the regulator and operators are crucial to the success of these programs. Regulators and operators have been supporting such programs for over 40 years with many success stories. A holistic approach requires that the full complement of pilot assistance programs addressing medical licensure, critical incident response, substance abuse, training assistance, professional standards, and pilot well-being be implemented to the greatest extent possible, considering the limitations of available resources.

Pilot Assistance Programs provide peer support to fellow pilots, offering referral to professional resources when appropriate, while upholding strict confidentiality.