Fatigue resource library

Information fatigue in the aviation environment from the Pilots' perspective.

IFALPA Fatigue and Positions Guidance

Position Paper April 09, 2014
Fatigue Management
Briefing Leaflet August 10, 2011
10 things you should know about FRMS
Briefing Leaflet August 10, 2011
FRMS checklist for Member Associations
Briefing Leaflet August 11, 2011
Fatigue management information update

ICAO Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) Documents

External Publication February 09, 2015
Fatigue Management Guide for Airline Operators 2nd Ed

Scientific Background

External Publication September 01, 2007
TNO Study Final
External Publication June 09, 2014
Spencer Robertson 1999a
External Publication June 15, 2016
Guidance Material for Fatigue Risk Management
External Publication March 01, 2014
Fatigue Modelling