COVID-19 Resources

The information provided on this page includes IFALPA publications and links to international guidance and best practices. Member Associations should also monitor the advice of their national or regional health authorities and their operators.

The COVID-19 IFALPA Response Team is also compiling a repository of resources by and for Member Associations on the IFALPA Hub. Please log onto the Hub for more information.

IFALPA Member Association Consults

The COVID-19 IFALPA Response Team (IRT) is ready to help with any challenges your association is facing during this crisis. IFALPA is offering customized advice and guidance on issues ranging from contract negotiations to peer support programs: restructuring to health and safety; financials to fatigue. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The IRT is here to help.

Please email [email protected] & let us know what you’re dealing with.




Crew Health


Health Advice 

World Health Organization

On this website, you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This includes:

  • Personal protection advice
  • Situation reports
  • Technical guidance
  • Videos
  • Online training

WHO COVID-19 Website                             WHO Aviation Operational Considerations

EPI-WIN Website                                        EPI-Win Updates 


Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA) is a joint effort among key international organizations, including IFALPA. This dedicated page provides a list of resources from ICAO, the WHO and from other agencies.



Aviation and COVID-19

ICAO, WHO, IATA and ACI have worked in close cooperation in the development of this single source for aviation-specific guidelines with the objective of ensuring appropriate planning and action at all levels and thus in order to mitigate the effects of a human outbreak.

ICAO Aviation and COVID-19                         ICAO COVID-19 Airport Status

Advice for Operators

This site provides updates on communicable diseases from IATA and gives guidelines and best practices for airline staff in the event of public health emergencies.

IATA Air Transport & Communicable Diseases

Security Screening

ACI has provided recommendations for security screening to minimise the risks of transmission of communicable diseases, including COVID-19.

ACI Security Screening Recommendations

Economic Impacts

In light of the rapidly spreading disease named as COVID-19, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) actively monitors its economic impacts on civil aviation and regularly publishes updated reports and adjusted forecasts*. The full reports are available on the dedicated ICAO page below.

* Please note that these figures are subject to frequent updates based on data available to ICAO.

Economic Impacts of COVID-19 - ICAO  

Travel Restrictions 

This page provides country-specific information on travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

Latest Travel Documents News - IATA


Public Health Corridor

This guidance, prepared by an international partnership of aviation and public health experts (CAPSCA), provides considerations for the protection of cargo flight crew during operations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. IFALPA experts were included in developing the guidance. We encourage pilot groups to work together with their operators and public health authorities to implement this guidance.

Electronic Bulletin