Aerodrome & Ground Environment (AGE)

The AGE Committee provides the pilot viewpoint on all areas related to airports. Committee experts represent IFALPA pilots in many ICAO panels and working groups where decisions are made regarding airport design and operations. In addition, the Committee produces publications on airport topics that are relevant to the global pilot community.

Capt. Heriberto Salazar Eguiluz
AGE Committee Chairperson

Capt. Salazar is a Boeing 787-8/9 captain based in Mexico City. He is an Accredited Accident Investigator and represents IFALPA at ICAO’s Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel, the All Weather Operations Sub-Group, and the Visual Aids Working Group.

FO Sven Grassmueck
AGE Committee Vice-Chair

FO Sven Grassmueck flies the Airbus A320 Family for Lufthansa, based in Frankfurt. He has been active in the VC (German ALPA) AGE Committee for several years with a focus on LRST.

Capt. Ganeish Hari Ram
AGE Committee Vice-Chair

Captain Hari flies the A330 for Singapore Airlines. He has previously flown the B777, A320, A380. He serves as the VP Techincal of ALPA Singapore. His work involves FRMS, RST and FDAP.


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