Administration, Membership & Finance (AMF)

The AMF Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Executive Board aimed toward the resolution of Problems related to the provisions of the Covenant of the Federation and the Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules of Order, especially as they relate to: Membership, the election and duties of Federation Officers, and the organizational structure of the Federation.

Capt. Johan Kotze
AMF Committee Chairperson

Capt. Kotze flies the Airbus A319/A320 at South African Airways. He is Secretary/treasurer of SAAPA (South African Airways Pilot Association), and Chair of the Define Benefit Pension Fund/Risk and Compliance Committee and the Auditing Committee.

SFO Duncan Githiri
AMF Committee Vice-Chair

SFO Githri currently flies for SA Airways. He serves as elected member on the ALPA-SA Executive Committee and the SAAPA Executive Committee.


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Capt. Rod Lypchuk
Executive Vice-President Administration, Membership, & Finance (EVP AMF)
Christoph Schewe
Managing Director