Briefing Leaflet

Yellow fever information for pilots

Dec 02, 2009


Yellow fever has been known for over 400 years, and the name originates from the jaundice that some patients may acquire. The disease is caused by a mosquito spread virus. The virus is able to infect both humans and monkeys. The virus is endemic in African and American countries close to the equator. Most of those infected remain asymptomatic, but about 15% develop a haemorrhagic infection and about half of these patients die. The symptoms are fever, muscular pain, headache, chills, loss of appetite, nausea and/or vomiting, and often a low pulse rate despite of the fever. There is no specific treatment for the virus. Yellow fever vaccination is effective and one of the rare vaccinations that may be required to enter some countries. It is suggested that all pilots who fly to, or over the endemic yellow fever countries take this vaccination.

This Briefing Leaflet provides additional information.