Safety Bulletin

Re-entry of Rocket Long March 5B

Nov 04, 2022


This bulletin is for safety purposes only, in all cases, please follow the guidance of your company and state:

Eurocontrol has warned of the unexpected re-entry into atmosphere of the large space object Rocket Long March 5B (CZ 5B), launched by China on 31 October 2022. Some of the projected trajectories could affect the southern European airspace. The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation issued the Safety Information Bulletin to raise awareness and considered it a major risk.

Following FIR (Flight Information Regions or controlled airspace) might be potentially affected:

• Canarias, Madrid, Barcelona (Spain)
• Santa Maria, Lisboa (Portugal)
• Marseille (France)
• Roma, Brindisi (Italy)
• Athens (Greece)
• Nicosia (Cyprus)

Please keep informed of this changing situation.