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Request for Mutual Assistance for SNPL France - Volotea

April 08, 2022

Dear colleagues, 

The Syndicat National des Pilotes de Ligne (SNPL France ALPA) has informed IFALPA that since 2012 Volotea pilots have been amongst the lowest paid in the market with working conditions that continue to deteriorate and an airline management that fails to consider the demands of their pilots. Maximum productivity, associated with minimum cost of crews, is the "winning recipe", according to the management, at the expense of flight safety. 

Nevertheless, after two years of pandemic, Volotea managed to ensure its growth and to reinforce its "social dumping": Last minute roster changes without reasonable notice to allow crew members to organize their lives; Annual leaves rarely allocated and repeated salary reductions in indecent proportions, despite growth and profits. 

Moreover, pilots’ salaries are so low, that they rely on food stamps. Pilots receive phone calls while being sick to assume their planned flight duties or on their days off, due to lack of staff; Fatigue reports are usually treated with suspicion by the management that argues never receiving any reports. 

As a result, the SNPL requests the following Mutual Assistance from 15 April 2022 (00:01 LT Paris) until 18 April 2022 (23:59 LT); and from 23 April 2022 (00:01 LT) until 24 April 2022 (23:59 LT): 

  • Ban on Wet Leasing (2.4.1)

  • Freeze in Capacity (2.4.2)

  • Assistance to Pilots Stranded Away from their Home Base (2.4.5)

  • Prohibition of Pilot Contracting (2.4.6) 

All IFALPA Member Associations are requested to support Volotea pilots by forwarding support letters to Captain Yves Deshayes, [email protected] and CC: [email protected] 


The SNPL will keep IFALPA and its Member Associations informed of any further developments.

In Unity, 

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