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Request for Mutual Assistance for SNPL France – Malta Air/Ryanair

April 08, 2022

Dear Colleagues, 

The Syndicat National des Pilotes de Ligne (SNPL France ALPA) has informed IFALPA that the Malta Air section of SNPL has filed a strike notice concerning Ryanair pilots at the French bases of Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Beauvais, motivated by the refusal of the management of Malta Air to have any discussion with the pilots' elected representatives for four months now. 

The SNPL representatives believe in having a constructive dialogue to negotiate an agreement aimed at normalizing the working conditions of the pilots employed by Malta Air on France bases. Throughout the pandemic, Ryanair pilots have made great efforts. They have been present again, during the resumption of traffic of summer 2020 and especially in the second half of 2021, working hard to provide a high-quality service, accepting a drastic 20% reduction in their remuneration and unfair reductions in their rest time, imposed to further improve productivity, which was already exceptionally high. They have been cooperative during the crisis, with union representatives listening, advising, and assisting management, particularly in obtaining specific COVID aid from the State. 

Therefore, after a productive summer in 2021, the SNPL requested for salaries and vacation entitlements to go back to normal, as well as the calculation of overtime pay and the respect of flight time limitation rules. 

As a result, the SNPL requests the following Mutual Assistance for Saturday 16 April 2022: 

  • Ban on Wet Leasing (2.4.1)

  • Freeze in Capacity (2.4.2)

  • Assistance to Pilots Stranded Away from their Home Base (2.4.5)

  • Prohibition of Pilot Contracting (2.4.6) 

All IFALPA Member Associations are requested to support Malta Air/Ryanair pilots by forwarding support letters to Captain Yves Deshayes, [email protected] and CC: [email protected] 


The SNPL will keep IFALPA and its Member Associations informed of any further developments.

In Unity, 

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