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Request for Mutual Assistance for KALPA

October 24, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We have been informed by KALPA about the ongoing industrial dispute with Kenya Airways management. The airline management recently notified KALPA that they had begun the process of hiring local and foreign contract pilots to address the pilot shortage. This decision is in direct contravention of the Collective Labor Agreement in place. Pilot shortage has been a long-standing issue to which KALPA has offered a number of solutions, leading to various agreements with the airline management. Unfortunately, Kenya Airways management has repeatedly breached these agreements and the CLA, refusing to address their challenges in training and recruitment processes.

As a result, the CLA negotiations have stalled and KALPA has had no other choice but to file a dispute with the Ministry of Labor and Social Services of Kenya requesting a conciliator to assist both parties in reaching a mutually satisfactory solution.

Therefore, KALPA requests, through IFALPA, the following Mutual Assistance, until further notice:

  • Request for Ban on Wet Leasing (2.4.1)
  • Request for Recruitment Ban (2.4.3)
  • Request for Denial of Training Facilities (2.4.4)
  • Request for Assistance to Pilots Stranded Away from their Home Base (2.4.5)
  • Request for Prohibition of Pilot Contracting (2.4.6)

All IFALPA Member Associations are encouraged to support KALPA by forwarding support letters to: Cpt. Murithi Nyagah, General Secretary of KALPA, [email protected]

KALPA will keep IFALPA and its Member Associations informed of any further developments.

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