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Request for Mutual Assistance for Danish Airline Pilots Association (DALPA)

April 11, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

The Danish Airline Pilots Association (DALPA), are requesting Mutual Assistance on behalf of Scandinavian
Airlines pilots organized in Danish Airline Pilot Union (DPF) and the umbrella organization SAS Pilot Group

IFALPA has been informed by DALPA that pilots in SAS have been negotiating a new Collective Labor Agreement
since 11 March in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and mandatory mediations will continue until 25
April 2019, 23:59 CET. Since airlines are considered an essential service in Denmark, a national mandatory
mediation process is ongoing. If mediation results are unsuccessful, industrial action will probably follow.

Issues that are being under negotiation are, amongst others: social uncertainty, outsourcing of routes, and
general terms and conditions, which have worsened for the past 20 years.

The probable industrial action has the full support of more than 90% of all pilots under SPG.

Therefore, DALPA requests, through IFALPA, the following Mutual Assistance starting on 26 April 2019,
00:00 CET, until further notice:

  • Request for Ban on Wet Leasing (2.4.1)
  • Request for Increased Capacity (
  • Recruitment Ban (2.4.3)
  • Denial of Training Facilities (2.4.4)
  • Request for Assistance to Pilots Stranded Away from their Home Base (2.4.5)

All IFALPA Member Associations are encouraged to support SAS pilots by forwarding support letters to:
Cpt. Rene Arpe, President of SPG and DPF, [email protected]

DALPA will keep IFALPA and its Member Associations informed of any further developments.

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