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Request for Mutual Assistance for AMPL

September 11, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

The Association Marocaine des Pilotes de Ligne, AMPL (ALPA Morocco) are requesting Mutual
Assistance on behalf of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) pilots.

We have been informed by the AMPL that RAM management is effectively abrogating Moroccan law and the signed collective labour agreements. As notified by the AMPL, 65 pilots have been made redundant in apparent contravention of the law and the existing collective labour agreements.

Despite the provisions of Articles 71 and 96 of the Labor Code and RAM’s internal regulations, many of these letters of dismissal were sent to these pilots on the basis of their current or past affiliations within the AMPL in what appears to be a hostile and provocative move to weaken the AMPL and the profession. IFALPA is deeply concerned when airline managements decide to use discriminatory and arbitrary anti-union practices against their pilot groups.

IFALPA and the AMPL believe there are avenues to overcome this conflict. A respectful relationship between the airline management and the AMPL, and good faith negotiations based on trust are in the best interest of everyone. Unfortunately, there has been no attempt to negotiate by RAM management, although the AMPL pilots have indicated clearly that they are willing to help and have even proposed a temporary cut on their salaries to preserve jobs while providing support to RAM during this unprecedented crisis.

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