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IFALPA joins ALPA at

The 60th Air Safety Forum

his year, for the 60th time, the Air Line Captain Maria-Pascaline Murtha, member of the national
TPilots Association (ALPA) celebrated its Accident Analysis and Prevention (AAP) Working Group
long-standing tradition of recognizing the
key issues facing the pilot profession and at German ALPA (Vereinigung Cockpit - VC) and Captain
the individual efforts of ALPA International B. ‘Pete’ Kaumanns, Chairman of the IFALPA AAP
members at the Air Safety Forum (ASF), held
from August 4th to 7th 2014 in Washing- Committee, recount their first-time experience at the
ton, D.C.
ALPA Air Safety Forum (ASF), held in Washington, D.C.
Safety WorkShopS
The first two days of this forum consist of overseeing NAI’s operations. Furthermore, pilots, air traffic controllers (ATC), and facil-
workshops organized by the various work- he pointed out, NAI’s crew’s main hub is in itators to do their best to propagate and
ing groups: Accident Analysis and Preven- Oslo, its nominal base is Bangkok, and its educate others in an effort to facilitate the
tion (AAP), Aircraft Design and Operation work contracts are issued through a Singa- implementation of the system.
(ADO), Air Traffic Services (ATS), Aerodome pore-based entity.
and Ground Environment (AGE), Safety How much longer, he mused, until the air- Surviving Lithium Battery fireS
Council, Security (SEC), Safety Information line industry begins using AOCs from coun- The day was then divided into a series of
Analysis, and Training Council. Meetings tries (i.e. Monrovia, Liberia) who may neither panel discussions, each pertaining to critical
could be attended upon invitation only. have the knowledge nor the capacities to situations during a flight.
The AAP workshop was subdivided into 3 perform adequate oversight, as the shipping The first panel discussed ‘Surviving a Main
work-streams: Accident Investigation, Infor- industry has done? Deck Lithium Battery Fire: New Technologi-
mation Analysis, and Dangerous Goods. The Following the opening address, Mr. cal Solutions’. This panel zeroed-in on
committee has been heavily involved in the Edward Bolton, Assistant Administrator, issues surrounding lithium batteries as
investigations into the Asiana and First Air NextGen, FAA, used his introduction to freight and/or personal equipment (laptops,
accidents, and is a full partner in the nation- highlight NextGen and its milestones. He EFBs, etc.) onboard an aircraft. Presently,
wide data collecting program. encouraged all involved parties, including there are no regulations preventing a com-
air Safety forum
The third and fourth days of the confer-
ence - the official Air Safety Forum - Ion cell thermal runaways
were open to a broader public of ALPA
members and invited international Ion cell thermal runaways
guests. can result in temperatures
In his opening address, Capt Lee Moak, that exceed 1,100°F - which
President of ALPA, talked about chal- is sufficient heat to cause
lenging the modus operandi of Norwe- adjacent cells to go into
gian Air International (NAI). thermal runaway as well.
“NAI’s hub is in Oslo, Norway, but Nor- This can lead to a propaga-
way is not an EU member state,” he told tion from shipping con-
attendees. “In order to access the US - tainer to shipping container
EU Open Sky market, NAI registers its and ignite an inferno in the
aircraft on an AOC in Ireland.” With no aircraft.
flights into Ireland, Moak questioned
how the AOC-issuing state goes about
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