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AFI/MID Meeting
held in Tunisia
IFALPA President Capt

Don Wykoff honoured

at ALPA Air Safety Forum

Photo courtesy of Capt Karim Elloumi
At this year’s 60th Air Safety Forum (ASF) The Africa/Middle East (AFI/MID) meeting
Awards Banquet, organized by the Air Line was held at Hotel Dar El Marsa, Tunis,
Pilots Association (ALPA), International, Tunisia from 16 to 18 September 2014,
IFALPA President Capt Don Wykoff was preceded by a successful Safety Seminar.
honoured with the Presidential Recognition The Seminar covered a wide range of
Award. subjects, from the ICAO Runway Safety
Capt Wykoff, in addition to his role as Teams to current problems in the Region
IFALPA President, has done a tremendous such as missing flight plans and the
amount of work to move Flight/Duty Time Conflict Zone Task Force. The Seminar
regulations forward as chair of ALPA’s included presentations from ICAO MID,
Flight/Duty Time Committee and co-chair IFATCA and IFALPA, which generated
of the Federal Aviation Administration lively and interesting discussions.
(FAA) Flight and Duty Time Limitations and The AFI/MID meeting welcomed IFALPA
Rest Requirements Aviation Rulemaking Deputy President, Capt Martin Chalk, who
Committee. Capt Don Wykoff accepts gave an interesting presentation on Just
his award alongside his
Capt Lee Moak, President of ALPA, praised Culture - another issue plaguing most of
wife, Susan Wykoff.
Capt Wykoff’s efforts, which were a driving the Member Associations in the Region. It
force behind the FAA’s implementation of Photo courtesy of IFALPA was clear from this briefing that further
FAR Part 117 on January 4th of this year. management systems” while simultane- work needs to be achieved in this area.
Specifically, Capt Wykoff developed a ously “setting standards for other aviation In dealing with Technical and Safety
model path to writing new science-based regulators to emulate worldwide.” issues in the Region, there remains con-
regulations that set flight- and duty-time Capt Wykoff continues to work with the cerns with the standard of Air Traffic
limits and minimum rest requirements, FAA to address questions and issues Control in several areas. IFATCA’s pres-
which Capt Moak proclaimed, “provide edu- related to the application of FAR 117, and ence at this meeting helped with the dis-
cation for pilots to mitigate fatigue and a held a workshop on the subject this past cussions of possible resolutions to some
clear path to implementing fatigue risk September. of the issues however, the fact remains
that although many of the controllers do
have sufficient training, there are too few
of them at the various centres and towers.
The meeting addressed reported deficien-
cies in the Region’s airspace and aero-
dromes and all MAs presented reports on
the situation in their own Association.
Training issues in the Region were also
discussed and IFALPA hopes to facilitate
a Human Factors Course and Accident
Investigator Course arranged for the early
part of 2015.

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