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For the remainder of the discussion, the
panel deliberated over the formal introduc- your
tion of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
within US airspace. So far, there are no
appropriate standards (with the exception photos!
of military use) and no regulations have
been established. The first drafts are Are you a pilot or aviation enthusiast who enjoys photography?
expected to be published by the end of Ten share your world through your camera lens!
2014 for the smallest UAVs with more rules Send us your aviation photos and they could wind up in
to follow for larger UAVs in 2015/2016. InterPilot Magazine, our e-News or on our website.
The next panel focused on “Pilot Health
& Occupational Safety” issues pertaining Please submit your high-resolution images to
to flight crews. In the US, diabetic pilots Include your name, Member Association and airline (if applicable),
who do not use insulin may be certified to and your photo(s) could be featured!
fly commercially on a case by case basis.
In Canada, certification of insulin depend-
ent pilots has been successful for decades
and there is exploration into this area in
the US.
Finally, the last panel focused on the Next-
Gen project and its funding in the US. After
the painful experience of the furlough in
2013, it is important that political pressure
be maintained to ensure that another lack
of funds and another shutdown will not
lead to a breakdown in safety and security
within the US aviation industry.

CLoSing Ceremony and aWardS
Garrett Reisman, a former NASA astronaut
closed the ceremony with the introduction
of his new employer, Space X, and brought
attendees up to speed on the progress being
made in research and testing to fly commer-
cially into space.
The impressive, high-level Air Safety
Forum ended with an Awards Banquet,
where Capt Lee Moak and all participants
paid tribute to a number of ALPA leaders,
recognizing their dedication to the profes-
sion and the work they do to ensure that
ALPA’s mission of ever-safer and more
secure skies continues. Among the awar-
dees was IFALPA President Capt Don
Wykoff (for details on his award, see the
IFALPA News Section on Page 6 of this edi-
The next ALPA Air Safety Forum will be
held August 10th to 13th 2015, in Washing-
ton D.C.

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