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ifatca elections 9

regulator off against the other, seeking the
‘lightest touch regulation’? As both regula- IFATCA
tors are, to a greater or lesser extent,
funded by the airlines and licensed person- welcomes
pressure on these fees, and will that new
nel they regulate; will there be competitive
degrade the regulatory service provided to president
the population at large? These effects are
already evident in some parts of the world, The International Federation of Air
such as Europe. Traffic Controllers Associations
(IFATCA) welcomed over 500 del-
A ThreAT To PiloT egates to its 53rd Annual
rePreSenTATion Conference in Gran Canaria, Spain,
Another assumption that is being degraded from the 5th to 9th of May. Newly
by the removal of National barriers, is the elected IFATCA President and
law under which representation is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr.
conducted. When AnotherMega Airlines is Patrik Peters, a controller and
deciding where to base its new long haul supervisor at the Eurocontrol
fleet, can it ‘whipsaw’ pay and conditions Upper Area Control Centre in
IFATCA 2014 Executive Board
between the MegaCountry based pilots and Maastricht, NL, said the conference
the AnotherCountry based pilots? Without a “aim[ed] to promote and safeguard the Photo courtesy of Anabel Vargas by Dharma Photography
legal basis for the proper negotiation of the interests of the air traffic control commu-
appropriate terms and conditions under nity and to protect and evolve the Americas in mediating talks with
which the airline will ask pilots to fly the profession.” Dominican Republic Government
new aircraft, we risk returning to the naked The Federation, which represents 131 officials.
industrial warfare which preceded the legal countries, inducted four new air traffic Attendees were brought up to date on
basis for representation, to which most associations: Angola, Montenegro, The IFATCA efforts on behalf of Controllers
countries have committed through their Maldives, and Kazakhstan, who will now in Albania, Latvia, and Ukraine, as well as
signing of International Labour be included in the worldwide profes- the Federation’s work with ICAO on a
Organization conventions. sional voice of controllers. IFALPA was major initiative in the field of Fatigue
represented by FO Felix Gottwald, of the Risk Management in air traffic control.
So whAT comeS nexT? Air Traffic Services Committee. With the election of Mr. Peters as
IFALPA has been invited by ICAO to join the The conference focused primarily on President and CEO, IFATCA said goodbye
working groups, formed to draft the tem- Just Culture, with special emphasis on to two Executive Board members, Mr.
plate agreements by which the liberalization circumstances in the Dominican Alexis Brathwaite, former President and
of our industry might come about. We will Republic, where over thirty controllers CEO, and Mr. Darrell Meachum, the
be ensuring that both of these separate, but have lost their jobs, and the recent work Federation’s former Executive Vice
important, concerns are addressed during of IFATCA Executive Vice President President Finance.
that work.
For more info, contact IFALPA’s Deputy
President at

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