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HUPER Committee at
“Airbus Day”

This past May, the IFALPA HUPER Committee held its meeting
in Toulouse, France. On the first day of the meeting, Capt A350 on display in Toulouse, France
Harry Nelson, Airbus Executive Operational Advisor to
Photo courtesy of Greg Fallow
Product Safety and HUPER Committee observer, coordinated a team
of Airbus executives that included Yannick Malinge, Senior Vice ties and received a briefing on the A350 flight test program from
President & Chief Product Safety Officer, and four other Airbus Franck Chapman, A350 Project Pilot. Committee members were
pilot/safety experts. Presentation topics included Fan Cowl loss, given access to one of the A350 test aircraft, providing an outstand-
Cabin Air Quality, A350 pilot training methodology, composite ing opportunity to walk around the exterior, tour the cabin full of
materials, as well as stall recovery. test equipment, as well as sit in the cockpit. This proved to be one
During the afternoon, the Committee toured several Airbus facili- of the highlights of the “Airbus Day”.

IFALPA welcomes newly elected officers

Following the 69th Conference of the line pilot, and has been flying with Avianca Groups and has shown himself to be a capa-
International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Airlines since 1998. Capt Martinez is the ble leader through his work on both the VC
Associations (IFALPA), held in Panama City, International Affairs Director in the and ECA Executive Boards.
Panama from 28 to 31 March 2014, IFALPA is Colombian Association of Civil Aviators
proud to welcome the following newly- (ACDAC), a member of the board of execu- sFO. Johan Kotze, south Africa
elected officers to the Federation: tive directors, and vice-president of the ITF Chairman of the Administration & Finance
(International Transportation Federation) (A&F) Committee
EXECUTIVE BOARD pilots committee. SFO Kotze has been with South African
Capt Martin Chalk, Deputy President Airways for the last 36 years, serving the air-
Former President of the European Cockpit Capt Boyd Kelly, RVP Us/CEP line in a Technical capacity, then as a Flight
Association (ECA) from 2005 to 2011, and Capt Kelly has accumulated over 10,000 Engineer Officer, and now as a pilot since
British Air Line Pilots Association (BALPA) flight hours as a pilot with Trans State 2000. He is a member of the South African
representative from 1992 to present, Capt Airlines (1995 to 1997), Cathay Pacific Airways Pilot Association (SAAPA) negotiating
Chalk is a proven leader, outcome-focused, Airways (1997 to 2000), and Delta Air Lines team as well as the Chairman of the Defined
with experience at all BALPA and ECA levels. (2000 to present). He holds a Bachelor of Benefit Pension Fund.
Science in Aeronautical Science and has expe-
REGIONAL VICE PREsIDENTs (RVP) rience in aviation security as an AVSEC Capt Ronald Abel, UsA
Capt Alfonso sierra Candella, RVP CAR/West Instructor and aviation safety as an ALPA Chairman of the Industrial (IND) Committee
Since 2006, Capt Sierra-Candela has accumu- Safety Volunteer. With 34 years of flying experience, 31 of
lated 10,500 flying hours with Aéromexico which have been spent serving the Air Line
Group and has shown himself to be hard- COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Pilots Association (ALPA), Capt Abel brings a
working and dedicated with strong problem- Burkhart “Pete” Kaumanns, Germany wealth of experience to his role as Industrial
solving and technical skills. He is also Chairman of the Accident Analysis & Committee Chairman. He also currently
actively involved in training and personal Prevention (AAP) Committee Chairman of the Association of Star Alliance
development within his airline. Capt Kaumanns is well known in the AAP Pilots (ASAP) Executive Board, as well as
World through his active participation in Chairman of ALPA’s International Affairs
Capt Diana Martinez, RVP sAM/North German ALPA (VC), European Cockpit Committee.
Capt Martinez has spent 19 years as an air- Association (ECA), and IFALPA AAP Working Click here for a full list of IFALPA officers.
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