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4 President’s Message

Globalized Air Traffic

Management is key

W elcome back for the second instalment of InterPilot Magazine for 2014.

As a follow-up to our President and Chief Delegates’ meeting at this year’s
Conference in Panama, we are pleased to announce that this issue of InterPilot marks the
first edition to be published internally, from our IFALPA headquarters. The magazine will be
produced on a quarterly basis, and we encourage you to contribute your ideas and feedback
as you see fit. InterPilot is - after all - your magazine, and it should reflect what is important
to you.
The recent disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 has fueled much speculation as to
what actually happened. There is but one fact about Malaysian 370: the aircraft has gone
missing. Any additional comment is purely speculation. There has been considerable discus-
sion on new technologies and systems to track aircraft. With that in mind, it seemed appro-
priate to highlight the work being done in Air Traffic Management (ATM). IFALPA feels that
Capt Don Wykoff it is especially important to take an ATM perspective when examining these circumstances,
President, IFALPA with a continued aim to ensure that the world follows the same global standards when deal-
ing with investigations such as this one.
A by-product of ATM includes the aircraft tracking systems, designed to monitor aircraft
positioning at all times. We must recognize, as a global industry, that instead of focusing on
learning new technologies, we must first implement the ones that currently exist and work
In this edition’s IFALPA News section, you’ll also see how busy our team has been post-
Conference. In addition to our participation in various symposiums and external meetings,
our Human Performance and Air Traffic Services Committees have convened, and more such
Committee meetings are planned in the near future.
Once again, we reiterate the importance of submitting your feedback, ideas, and even
contributions, including great photographs from the line. We want InterPilot to report on
issues that are important to IFALPA’s Members, and we encourage you to contact InterPilot
Editor and IFALPA Communications Coordinator, Valerie McLeod, directly at valeriemcleod@ with any suggestions or ideas you may have for future editions of the magazine.

Capt Don Wykoff
President, IFALPA

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding InterPilot and its content, please
contact the Editor, Valerie McLeod, at

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