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Vol 2 | No 2 | July 2014

The Safety and Technical Journal of IFALPA

figure 3: Airborne situational awareness
Airborne situational awareness provides additional data to fight crews during
fight operations to enhance fight safety and ATc effciency. ADS-B infor-
mation is sent to a cDTi for display to the pilot. The display represents other
airplanes w ith a chevron (triangular symbol), which is oriented to represent
the direction of travel, and shows airplane fight iD, altitude, and vertical trend
vector to indicate that the airplane is climbing or descending. other data
could be displayed, such as its ground speed and wake vortex category.
Early Adapters:

Boeing takes on
new surveillance

www. B o A l / A e rom A g A z ine


Capt Rip Torn
examines what
ADS-B means
for pilots
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