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Federation advises ALPA advocates

replacing circling cargo rest rules

The Air Line Pilots Association,
approaches International (ALPA) has reiterated its
support for passage of the Safe Skies
Act in the US, which would end the
“cargo carve-out” that currently
approaches with approaches that provide excludes cargo pilots from Federal
lateral and vertical guidance. Aviation Administration (FAA) mini-
Circling approaches which have ended in mum rest requirement rules.
accidents in the past dozen years have Capt Lee Moak, president of ALPA,
occurred in Pakistan, Comoros, and Korea, said, “It is becoming more apparent that
with a total of more than 430 fatalities. separate rest requirements for cargo
Circle-to-land approaches involve risk fac- and passenger pilots are unsustainable,
tors such as a high workload, an initial unsupportable, and unconscionable.
approach with a tailwind, a visual segment Pilots who operate in the same skies,
in which one crew member’s attention is take off from the same airports, and fly
LNAV and VNAV approaches
are exponentially safer than outside the flight deck, and often marginal over the same terrain must be given the
circling approaches. weather and challenging terrain. same opportunities for full rest, regard-
IFALPA recommends that circling less of what is in the back of the plane.”
Circle-to-land approaches pose a signifi- approach charts present a clear depiction of Science-based studies show that all
cantly higher risk to aviation than the vertical profile. For those airlines which airline pilots experience fatigue in the
approaches which provide lateral and verti- authorize their crews to perform circling same ways, regardless of whether they
cal guidance. Runway-aligned approaches approaches, specific initial and recurrent are transporting passengers or cargo.
are about 25 times safer than circle-to-land training should be provided, and there
approaches, according to ICAO studies, and should be a clear indication of the protection Moak: Cargo pilots fly the same skies,
once some form of vertical guidance is envelope associated with the published oper- the same airports as passenger pilots.
added the safety margin increases again “by ating minimums on the approach charts.
a factor of eight.” The IFALPA Aircraft The complete Paper, Circling approaches,
Design & Operation (ADO) Committee has can be found in the Publications/IFALPA
published a Position Paper which strongly Statements/Aircraft Design & Operation sec-
supports the replacement of circling tion of the Federation’s website.
A recent National Transportation
New IATA safety and flight ops SVP Safety Board (NTSB) investigative hear-
ing showed that fatigue is a factor in the
Former Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) presi- led the development of the IATA cargo industry, especially based on its
dent and CEO Kevin Hiatt has joined IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program. business model of flying predominately
as senior vice-president, safety and flight Hiatt previously served as VP safety and at night.
operations. He succeeds the retiring security for World Airways, and was with IFALPA president Capt Don Wykoff
Guenther Matschnigg, who conceived and Delta Air Lines for 26 years in various posi- was a featured presenter on the topic
tions, including chief pilot at the Hartsfield- “Fatigue Risk Management – The Pilot’s
Kevin Hiatt has Jackson Atlanta International Airport pilot Perspective” at the annual Flight Safety
changed safety crew base through 2005. Foundation International Air Safety
hats – from
FSF to IATA. “Air transport is safe because we are con- Summit (IASS). Wykoff is also chairman
stantly learning and seeking ways to of ALPA’s flight time and duty commit-
improve. I look forward to further strength- tee. Highlights of his IASS comments
ening the partnerships in place across the can be found in the article, “High-level
industry as we make a safe industry even dialogues,” beginning on page 48.
safer,” said Hiatt.
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