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the International Federation 4 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
of Air Line Pilots’ Associations Capt Don Wykoff on a century of com-
mercial aviation.
485 rue McGill, Bureau 700, Montreal,
Quebec, H2Y 2H4, Canada 6 NEWS, NOTES, EVENTS
Tel: +1 514 419 1191
Fax: +1 514 419 1195 12 PROACTIVE, PRODUCTIVE
Web: IFALPA holds its 69th Conference this
month in Panama.
President: Capt Don Wykoff
Managing Director: Christoph schewe 14
Communications Coordinator:
Valerie McLeod
Editor: Rick Adams 35 DEEPWATER DRIVEN oil and gas producers are pushing
Contributors: Richard Bennett, 14 BEYOND THE CANAL higher standards for helicopter flight
James Careless, D-L nelson,
Roger Boudreau there’s a rich culture and cuisine to training and simulation.
experience in Panama.
Sales Manager: toby Walton 16 A TALE OF TWO AIRPORTS OF HELICOPTER ACCIDENTS tocumen and Copa, Gelabert and Air Yes, the IHst says a zero rotary-wing
PUBLISHING Panama. accident rate is achieveable.
Publisher: Mark Howells 19 EURO VIEW 40 PBN: RNP AND RNP AR
Director: Becky Howells the european Cockpit Association’s APPROACHES “Flight Plan to safety.” An Airbus view of the evolution of
non-precision approaches.
InterPilot is published on Pilots need to be protective of sensitive COMPLACENCY’
behalf of IFALPA by: aircraft electronic data … and their IAtA enhances audits, promotes per-
personal security. formance-based navigation, and is
seeking to update tokyo Convention
26 PROPELLER-NOMICS unruly passenger rules.
HMG Aerospace Limited economic conditions and infusions of
suite 2, 7 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, new technology continue to expand 48 HIGH-LEVEL DIALOGUES
Hampshire, GU14 6BU, United Kingdom the global fleet of toulouse-based Highlights of discussions at recent
Tel: +44 1252 501055
Fax: +44 1252 408674 AtR’s -600 series turboprop aircraft. aviation conferences – FsF IAss, GAte,
Email: and ICAo MPL.
the views expressed in this magazine are those The mission of IFALPA is to be
of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the global voice of professional
the views of IFALPA. Articles and information pilots by providing representa-
contained in this publication are the copyright of tion, services, and support in
HMG Aerospace Ltd and/or IFALPA and may not
be reproduced in any form without the written order to promote the highest
permission of the publisher. level of aviation safety world-
©HMG Aerospace Ltd/IFALPA 2014 COLIN MAHONEY wide. The purpose of this jour-
ISSN 2052-5265 nal is to share technical and
Rockwell Collins’ sVP, international and service solutions, discusses new safety information to profes-
sional pilots worldwide.
and future avionics.
The Safety and Technical Journal of IFALPA | InterPilot Vol 2 | No 1 | March 2014

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