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IFALPA trains future Federation opposes
explosives dropping
runway safety experts IFALPA’s Helicopters (HEL) and Dangerous

Goods (DG) Committees have issued a
Position Paper opposing the dropping of
explosives from civil aircraft.
However, in the event the practice is con-
ducted, the DG Committee’s recommenda-
tion is that all appropriate national and inter-
national regulations be followed, including
International Civil Aviation Organization
(ICAO) Technical Instructions for the Safe
Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.
Runway safety volunteers at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, Japan.
Among the applicable safety recommen-
More than 40 attendees from six countries bodies. It also provides them with the tools dations from the HEL Committee are:
joined the 2nd IFALPA Safety Volunteer to actively contribute as a volunteer. l A risk assessment reviewed by the opera-
Seminar in Tokyo, October 29-31. The event In addition to a focus on safety manage- tor’s state and civil aviation authority.
was hosted by the Air Line Pilots’ ment and the new ICAO Annex 19, the l Suitable initial and recurrent training for
Association of Japan, and conducted by three-day workshop concentrated on run- the crew.
ICAO safety management expert Capt way safety and the work of a Local Runway l Detailed procedures for handling the
Andreas Meyer and IFALPA managing direc- Safety Team, including a practical site visit explosives being used (in both normal
tor Christoph Schewe. to Narita International Airport. and emergency conditions).
The seminar generally aims to provide IFALPA member associations who seek to l No possibility of activation while the
new and existing volunteers with a broad host such a seminar to attract regional volun- device is on or near the aircraft.
overview of the Federation’s technical work teers and improve their expertise may con- The Position Paper, Dropping of explosives
and involvement with the International Civil tact Christoph Schewe at christophschewe@ from civil aircraft, can be downloaded from
Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other or +1 514 419 1191. the Publications/IFALPA Statements section
of the Federation’s website.
Ground anti-collision Snap any great
photos lately?
equipment advocated Your fellow pilots would like to see your

view of the world, inside and outside the
“All turbine-engined airplanes of a maxi- is difficult to assess from the flight cockpit.
mum certified take-off mass in excess of deck, and in some aircraft the wing Send us your best photos: your aircraft,
5,700 kg should be fitted with anti-colli- tip itself cannot be seen at all by the flight deck, the airports you fly in and out
sion equipment for ground operations,” flight crew.” of, sunrises on red-eye flights, sunsets,
IFALPA believes, according to a recently There have also been numerous acci- storm systems, lightning … anything related
released Position Paper developed by the dents in which aircraft collided with to aviation.
Aircraft Design & Operation (ADO) ground objects, and the ADO Committee We’ll display some of the best photos at
Committee, led by Capt Bill de Groh. says, “Means should be provided to alert the 69th IFALPA Conference in Panama City,
Over the past decade, ground collisions the flight crew of insufficient obstacle and we’ll feature a few in InterPilot maga-
involving two aircraft have averaged 1.5 clearance on the ground.” zine throughout the year as well.
per year. Most involved wing tip collisions, The complete Position Paper, Anti- Photo submissions may be portrait or
and in one incident a damaged aircraft collision equipment for ground operations, landscape format, and should be a mini-
proceeded to commence flight. is available on the IFALPA website, mum of 1800 x 1200 pixels (3 megabytes or
“Taxiing is a critical flight phase,”, in the Publications/IFALPA more) file size.
the Paper states. “Wing tip clearance Statements section. Send your images to InterPilot editor Rick
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