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4 President’s Message

On the challenges

of Asia/Pac growth

n this issue of InterPilot, our Regional Focus highlights Asia/Pacific, an area that
I is not only the largest but also the most diverse of the aviation regions. It is grow-
ing on all fronts, which has in turn led to a need for rapid growth of the region’s
aviation sector. Rapid expansion, however, can sometimes lead to growing pains that
must be considered when dealing with a quick progression.
More airports are needed to accommodate the increase in travelers in Asia/Pacific
countries, and extensive airport development is underway. There are hundreds of
new airports, terminals, and runway projects planned in the Asia/Pacific region over
the next five years. The reality is that over half of the world’s airports currently
under construction are located in China alone.
The Seamless Asian Skies initiative is also adding to the challenges in the region.
Capt Don Wykoff
President, IFALPA The program, which will aim to standardize regulation and procedures among the
region’s states, will require sufficient funding and cooperation by all states involved
in order to achieve this effort.
There are also varying degrees of Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) throughout the
region. Some state CAAs are more highly developed, while others continue to evolve,
but all have a large impact on the development and growth pace of their respective
aviation industries, and there is always room for improvement.
As pilots, we must ask ourselves, “How can we and other industry leaders contrib-
ute positively to the region’s growth?” First, by sharing our expertise on relationships
in emerging markets and aviation systems. Second, by influencing authorities such
as China to ensure the airspace in which we operate has the capacity and develop-
ment to cope with the increase in air traffic. We were highly successful in working
with China for its implementation of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM),
and we need to capitalize on this to reduce the delays on the airways and in the
terminal areas of China. And last but not least, we must understand our own roles
in achieving the highest industry standards, and be involved in the process.
InterPilot editor Rick Adams explores the topic in further depth in a discussion
with Capt Amornvaj (“Ben”) Mansumitchai, IFALPA’s executive VP of the Asia/Pac
region, in the article “Growing planes” on page 11 of this edition.

Capt Don Wykoff
President, IFALPA

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