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Vol 1 | No 4 | December 2013

The Safety and Technical Journal of IFALPA
Traffic snarl
the International Federation 4 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
of Air Line Pilots’ Associations Capt Don Wykoff on the challenges of and SESAR
Asia/Pac growth.
485 rue McGill, Bureau 700, Montreal,
Quebec, H2Y 2H4, Canada 6 NEWS, NOTES, EVENTS
Tel: +1 514 419 1191
Fax: +1 514 419 1195 IFALPA’s new website and new techni-
Email: cal officer; its positions on security
Web: management, engine power-back,
performance-based navigation, and Capt Richard
EXECUTIVE BOARD other issues; industry news highlights; de Crespigny
President: Capt Don Wykoff The lessons of QF32
and more.
Managing Director: Christoph schewe
Communications Coordinator: Coping with growth
Valerie McLeod
Editor: Rick Adams Book excerpt: Qantas captain Richard de Crespigny’s personal account of the
Cover images: London Heathrow AtC 11 GROWING PLANES extraordinary challenges of piloting a
photo courtesy nAts; european airspace
graphic courtesy; Capt Amornvaj ‘Ben’ Mansumitchai, severely crippled A380, deftly avoiding
thai A380 photo courtesy William Mah – IFALPA’s Asia/Pac eVP, discusses high- what could have been the most cata-
AHKGAP. priority issues for the world’s highest- strophic aviation disaster in history.
ADVERTISING growth aviation region.
Sales Manager: toby Walton 21 14 TRAINING TALK
A brief look at some of the topics dis-
PUBLISHING cussed at the recent RAes, APAts, and
Publisher: Mark Howells eAts training conferences. 25 BIRDS!
Director: Becky Howells 15 THE INTERPILOT INTERVIEW: Bird-strike events can sometimes have
CAPT RICHARD CHAMPION significant safety consequences.
DE CRESPIGNY Boeing’s Roger nicholson and William
InterPilot is published bi-monthly the hero of QF32 discusses the signifi- Reed address misconceptions and
on behalf of IFALPA by:
cance and lessons of the event with flight crew strategies.
InterPilot editor Rick Adams.

HMG Aerospace Limited 18 europe and the Us face ever-com-
pounding hurdles to deliver the much-
suite 2, 7 Alexandra Road, Farnborough,
Hampshire, GU14 6BU, United Kingdom needed benefits of next-generation air
Tel: +44 1252 501055 traffic management. Aimée turner
Fax: +44 1252 408674 updates nextGen and sesAR.
18 SILENT SUPERSONIC? Clear communication between AtC
the views expressed in this magazine are those
of the authors and do not necessarily reflect A decade after the demise of the and pilots is essential for situation
the views of IFALPA. Articles and information Concorde, manufacturers and research- awareness. scott shallies, IFAtCA’s
contained in this publication are the copyright of ers are exploring ways around the sonic eVP professional, provides a control-
HMG Aerospace Ltd and/or IFALPA and may not
be reproduced in any form without the written boom dilemma. ler’s perspective.
permission of the publisher.
©HMG Aerospace Ltd/IFALPA 2013 The mission of IFALPA is to be the global voice of professional pilots by
ISSN 2052-5265 providing representation, services, and support in order to promote the highest level of aviation safety worldwide. The purpose of this journal is to share
technical and safety information to professional pilots worldwide.

The Safety and Technical Journal of IFALPA | InterPilot Vol 1 | No 4 | December 2013
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