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FSI launches new sim visual

fidelity for a wide variety of uses with
full-flight simulators and a complete
range of other advanced training
devices,” said Jon Hester, FSI visual
systems general manager.
In a Level D simulator, VITAL 1100
can process hundreds of millions of
scene elements every second, along with
environmental effects such as physics-
based weather models of rain, snow, and
hail that develop and react as they do in
the real world. Other unique features
Scene from the new FlightSafety International VITAL 1100 simulator visual system.
include dynamic shadowing and
Simulator manufacturer FlightSafety 1100, with computational performance enhanced shading effects, providing
International (FSI) has announced its five times greater than its predecessor. fixed- and rotary-wing aircrews with
next-generation visual system, VITAL “VITAL 1100 offers unprecedented valuable cues and added realism.

The Safety and Technical Journal of IFALPA | InterPilot Vol 1 | No 3 | October 2013
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