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The International Federation 4 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
of Air Line Pilots’ Associations Capt Don Wykoff on investigations
and crew security.
485 rue McGill, Bureau 700, Montreal,
Quebec, H2Y 2H4, Canada 6 NEWS, NOTES, EVENTS
Tel: +1 514 419 1191
Fax: +1 514 419 1195 IFALPA positions on radiation,
Email: friction measurement, and cruise
Web: relief, an RAeS update on fire,
industry news highlights, coming
EXECUTIVE BOARD IFALPA meetings, and more.
President: Capt Don Wykoff
Managing Director: Christoph Schewe 12 FOLLOW THE MONEY
Communications Coordinator: Capt Souhaiel Dallel outlines physical,
Valerie McLeod
financial, and human resources
EDITORIAL challenges in IFALPA’s Africa/Middle
Editor: Rick Adams East (AFI/MID) region. 26 FORECAST SEASON Number crunchers are issuing their
Contributors: Capt Souhaiel Dallel,
Gideon Ewers, SFO Juan Carlos Lozano, annual updates on new aircraft
D-L Nelson, Albert Urdiroz 15 deliveries expected across the next
two decades; they all predict similar
ADVERTISING growth, but market details vary.
Sales Manager: Toby Walton 29 LOW-SPEED RTO UPON
Media Sales Executive: Oliver De Lisle ENGINE FAILURE
Airbus director of flight safety Albert
PUBLISHING 15 THE INTERPILOT INTERVIEW: Urdiroz looks at an in-service event
Publisher: Mark Howells JENNY BODY involving engine failure and a rejected
Director: Becky Howells The Royal Aeronautical Society’s first take-off. female president discusses her vision
of the RAeS role in the global aviation 33 SAFETY GETS A NEW ANNEX
community with InterPilot editor SFO Juan Carlos Lozano discusses
InterPilot is published bi-monthly the implications for pilots and the
on behalf of IFALPA by: Rick Adams.
development process of the new
20 ICAO Annex 19: Safety Management.

HMG Aerospace Limited 36 SAME LANGUAGE?

Non-standard phraseology between
Suite 2, 7 Alexandra Road, Farnborough,
Hampshire, GU14 6BU, United Kingdom pilots and controllers can lead to
Tel: +44 1252 501055 20 NOT GRANDAD’S 747 miscommunication. Gideon Ewers
Fax: +44 1252 408674 Boeing chief pilot for 747 programs highlights results of a collaborative
Email: Mark Feuerstein explains how the industry survey.
747-8 is designed to look and fly
much like its -400 predecessor. Also, 36
The views expressed in this magazine are those
of the authors and do not necessarily reflect key suppliers on the -8, sim training
the views of IFALPA. Articles and information sites, and a timeline of the Jumbo
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HMG Aerospace Ltd and/or IFALPA and may not Jet’s history.
be reproduced in any form without the written
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ISSN 2052-5265 providing representation, services, and support in order to promote the
highest level of aviation safety worldwide. The purpose of this journal is to share technical and safety information to professional pilots worldwide.

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