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Te rich and open dialogue that IFALPA makes possible is evident at
every Federation meeting and especially during our annual IFALPA
Conference. Each year, and for nearly seven decades, the conference has
brought together representatives of IFALPA’s more than 100,000 mem-
bers in a shared context of delivering on a commitment to advance our
members’ interests in all aspects of aviation.

Tis year’s 72nd IFALPA Conference in Montreal promises to take work-
ing face-to-face with the stakeholders involved in an issue to the next lev-
el, with a location that is central to both the International Civil Aviation
Organization and International Air Transport Association headquarters.
Tis year’s agenda packs in plenty of opportunities to interact personally
with ICAO and IATA leaders and staf.

In addition to putting fnal plans together for the conference, IFALPA
technical committees continue their critical and determined work in
many areas. IFALPA has issued safety bulletins recently on Large PEDs
as Checked Baggage and Turnback Procedures in the North Atlantic. We
also feature updates in this issue from our Federation’s Human Perfor-
mance and Air Trafc Services Committees. You’ll also fnd an invitation
to IFALPA’s upcoming Negotiations Seminar, which is scheduled for 23-
25 May in Mexico City.

While IFALPA is all about face-to-face collaboration, this doesn’t mean
we don’t also make the most of online communication. I hope you have
taken a moment to follow us on Twitter and check us out on Facebook.
You’ll see on IFALPA’s social channels our recent AéroPortail webinar
detailing international aviation organizations’ roles and missions. I gave
a snapshot of IFALPA’s work and goals during the webinar, which also
included representatives of ICAO, IATA, and ACI.

IFALPA represents the global community of pilots. We are a true federa-
tion in which nearly 100 national associations work together as one. And
whether it’s bringing our members together online or in person, IFALPA
always goes the distance.

Captain Ron Abel
Acting President

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