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The International Federation 4 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
of Air Line Pilots’ Associations Acting President, Captain Ron Abel 12
addresses the membership
485 rue McGill, Bureau 700, 6 NEWS
Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 2H4, Canada
Tel: +1 514 419 1191 Recent visits to IFALPA Headquarters
Fax: +1 514 419 1195 7 NOTES
Congratulations and Publicaitons

EXECUTIVE TEAM IFALPA Meetings at a glance
Acting President: Captain Ron Abel 12 VOICE OF THE REGIONS
Managing Director: Christoph Schewe InterPilot launches a new seies of
Communications & Marketing Coordinator:
Emily Bitting profiles of our member pilots,
9 beginning with:

EDITORIAL Captain Mike Davidson
Captain Diana Martinez
Editor: Emily Bitting Captain Samir Ahmed
Design: Jeremy Eldridge, Emily Bitting, Anna Lou Captain Miguel Silveira
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Representative to ICAO Captain Mike
Emily Bitting, Jackson reports on Assembly 39

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