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IFALPA Conference Statement

on Norwegian Air International

NEW ORLEANS, USA – Following the US Department of Transportation’s tentative
approval for Norwegian Air International (NAI) to fly to the United States, the
International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) at its 71 Annual IFALPA’s latest publications
Conference has unanimously adopted the following Conference Statement: (click on the link to view):
On behalf of the 100,000 pilots in 100 Member Associations, the International
Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations states its extreme disappointment in the Press Release:
decision of the U.S. Department of Transportation to tentatively approve the application 16PRL08 - IFALPA on the Terrorist Attacks at Istanbul
of Norwegian Air International for a foreign air carrier permit. International Airport
NAI is a flag-of-convenience carrier that was established to undermine employment
standards. Despite the fact that the US – European Union Air Transport Agreement was Safety Bulletins:
designed to deter such business models from operating in the transatlantic market, the 16SAB05 - Information for Travellers on Zika Virus
16SAB04 - High Altitude Operations of Unmanned
US and EU authorities propose to open the door to NAI. Free Balloons
We call on both, the US DOT as well as the European Commission, to reconsider this
tentative decision and to either deny NAI’s application or require NAI to commit to Position Paper:
assure that either full US or European employment standards are applied to its 16POS01 - Problematic Substance Use Testing
For further information please contact Captain Martin Chalk, IFALPA President, Briefing Leaflet:
at +44 7432 616 119 or, or Ms. Anna Lou, Communications 16HUPBL01 - Problematic Substance Use Testing
& Marketing Coordinator at +1 514 419 1191 or

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