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Introducing IFALPA’s Newly

Elected Officers

part of the Crew Resource Management
DEPUTy PRESIDENT - Ron Abel EVP PGA - jack Netskar
facilitators at Air Nostrum, training both cabin
During the IFALPA 71 st Captain Jack Netskar was crew and pilots.
Annual Conference, elected as IFALPA’s He is the director of the Critical Incident
Captain Ron Abel was Executive Vice-President Response Program (CIRP) as well as the
elected IFALPA Deputy Professional & Govern- SEPLA Safety Report System (SRS). He is one
President. Captain Abel mental Affairs (EVP of the spokespersons at SEPLA who works
has been an airline pilot PGA) at the 2016 closely with the media on technical issues,
for over 35 years. He IFALPA Conference. especially during crises or accidents, and he
currently flies the Airbus 320 based in served as one of the Technical Experts during
Chicago, Illinois. Prior to his election as EVP NAM - Mike Geer the Spanair 5022 judicial procedures.
Deputy President, Captain Abel served as the
Federation’s Professional and Government At the 71 IFALPA DG Committee Chairman - Scott Schwartz
Affairs Committee Chairman developing Annual Conference,
strategy in the following areas: freedom of Captain Mike Geer was At the 2016 IFALPA
association, pensions, air service negotiations, elected IFALPA Annual Conference in
globalization, contract enforcement and Executive Vice-President New Orleans, Captain
dispute resolution, and job security. Captain North America (EVP Scott Schwartz was
Abel also serves in numerous roles at his home NAM). elected the IFALPA
association, the Air Line Pilots Association, Dangerous Goods
Int’l (ALPA-I). Committee Chairman
RVP CAR/EAST - Chris Witt (1 year)
(DG). Since 2009, he has been an active
Captain Chris Witt from member of the committee. Captain Schwartz
EVP TSS - Patrick Magisson
the Cayman Islands was started his flying career in 1977 after
Captain Patrick elected for a one-year completing his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
Magisson from France term as the Regional at the University of Minnesota, and he joined
was elected Executive V i c e - P r e s i de n t FedEX in 1989. He has been representing the
V ice-P r esiden t, Caribbean/East (RVP Federation in various DG groups including
Technical Safety CAR/EAST). He started IATA’s DG Board. He is also a trained accident
Standards (EVP TSS) at his flying career in 1996 with Island Air Ltd. investigator.
the 2016 IFALPA Con-
ference. Prior to this election, he was an active AAP Committee Chairman - Ariel Shocron PGA Committee Chairman - René joziasse
member of the IFALPA Human Performance
Committee and served as the Vice-Chairman, Ariel Shocrón Croitoru Captain René Joziasse
Training and Licensing. He is an IFALPA was elected IFALPA previously served as the
Accredited Accident Investigator and for many Accident Analysis and IFALPA Professional and
years, he chaired the SNPL Technical Prevention Committee Government Affairs
Committee. He represents IFALPA in several Chairman at IFALPA’s (PGA) Committee
important ICAO Groups such as the Flight 71 Conference. He has Vice-Chairman before
Operations Panel and the Remotely Piloted been involved with being elected Chairman
Aircraft System Panel. Human Factors since 2001 when he became at the 2016 Conference.
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