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IFALPA’s Position on Lithium-Ion

Batteries as Cargo on Passenger Flights

he International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) supports
Tthe International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) important decision to
prohibit lithium-ion batteries as freight on passenger aircraft, but feels more needs to IFALPA’s other publications regarding
be done to address the safety of shipments on cargo aircraft. Both lithium-ion and Dangerous Goods (click on the link to view):
lithium-metal batteries continue to be permitted in unlimited quantities on cargo
aircraft, despite the demonstrated risk these shipments pose. IFALPA’s POSITION PAPERS
“We are extremely gratified that ICAO has acted on this long-standing safety 15POS25 - Lithium Battery Fire Awareness
concern, moving to protect passengers and crews from the dangers posed by 15POS23 - Fireproof Containment Bags
shipments of lithium-ion batteries”, said Mark Rogers, IFALPA’s Dangerous Goods 15POS07 - Transport of Lithium Batteries as Cargo
Committee Chairman. The prohibition was first proposed by IFALPA to the ICAO 15POS06 - Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air
Dangerous Goods Panel in 2009, and again in 2015. “The risk these batteries pose is
the same regardless of the aircraft type, however, we now call on ICAO to extend the IFALPA’s BRIEFING LEAFLETS
same protections to cargo aircraft”, Rogers continued. 15DGBL02 - Transport of Lithium Batteries on
IFALPA supports a long-term solution to develop packaging that will ensure Passenger and Cargo Aircraft
lithium batteries can be shipped safely on both passenger and cargo aircraft, and is 15DGBL01 - Transport of lithium batteries as
committed to working with ICAO and the SAE International to develop the appropri- cargo
ate standards. We urge ICAO to continue this important work, and to extend the 14DGBL01 - International shipments of lithium
prohibition to cargo aircraft until this standard is developed and fully implemented
for all lithium battery shipments.

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