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work, take action or justify a course of action. Therefore, instead of come back fully informed next time. As illustrated, advocacy can be a
presenting a problem, offer a solution and the reason why your long-term game, therefore building and sustaining relationships with key
recommendation is best suited for the situation. individuals is crucial.
When presenting your solution to a problem, there will be those who
disagree with you. It is important to be able to disagree without being SuMMARY
disagreeable. Politeness, respect and assertive persuasion are preferred to My recipe for success in pilot advocacy is a mixture of Patience,
high-volume and mean-spirited attacks on others or others’ issues. Persistence and Professionalism, not necessarily in that order and not
Remember that you may be dealing with that person or persons for a necessarily in equal portions. Throw into that mixture your ability to
long time. present solutions instead of problems, and your total preparedness. Be
Another important point is to never compromise your credibility. Act prepared to respectfully disagree without becoming disagreeable. Nurture
with honesty and integrity. Be prepared to concede if there is a weakness relationships in the organizations which you deal with.
in your argument, but work to overcome it. Remember, it is almost always a long-term game, thus practicing
Be prepared to admit something you do not know but be ready to those three P’s will help you be on your way to successful advocacy.

Please announce to your airline staff members!

International Youth Exchange
a program for airline families

Youth ages 14–19 are matched with a
correspondent of similar age from an airline
family abroad. The youth are together in
both homes. They spend two weeks in
your home and two weeks in the matched
family’s home. Exchanges are planned during school holidays.

Costs for exchange include:
International Youth Exchange
has been coordinated by a retired > application fee of $300 USD
airline employee since 1994. (refundable if match is not found)
> your airline pass
> spending money

Please announce to your airline staff members!
International Youth Exchange Program, LLC
PO Box 211065, St. Paul, MN 55121-2465, USA

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