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The Many Challenges and Successes

of Caribbean/South America Region

tion. To assist the Costa Rican pilots in starting to impact Air Traffic Controllers at Grand
Capt. Alfonso Sierra (RVP CAR/West)
their own association, guidelines as to how to Bahamas Airport. In fact, the Civil Aviation
ver the past structure an airline pilots’ association have Department did not compensate the personnel
Omonths, a lot has been provided to them using ASPA de México for working overtime which caused a SunWing
been going on in the as an example. On September 6 2015, IFALPA Flight 737-800 aircraft with 186 passengers
CAR/West region. received an email from the Costa Rican pilots aboard to divert to Nassau International
An important event announcing the good news that their associa- airport. Jamaican pilots (JALPA) are
occurred when IFALPA tion has been formed. The new Costa Rican discontented with the unfair treatment from
received an email from pilot association will be called “Asociacion their airline management. On September 1
young pilots in Costa Costarricense de Pilotos Aviadores” (ACPA). 2015, two aircraft were grounded in Montego
Rica asking for help. ACPA has recently announced that Volaris, Bay Jamaica for almost 24 hours causing flight
They came to Intejet an Viva aerobús, will open some bases cancellations. An agreement has been reached
IFALPA for assistance in San José and that operations will start at the quickly between the CEO and the association,
because they were concerned about the air end of this year. Now that ACPA has become a and normal schedules have been resumed the
safety conditions in the region and their status reality, the association is looking to join next morning, September 2 2015. After a
as young pilots. Last July, we had the opportu- IFALPA and find ways to reach out to more long delay in negotiating contracts, Trinidad
nity to go to San José, Costa Rica, and met with pilots in the region. pilots (TALPA) have finally signed a
some of them. These young pilots are not memorandum with their airline, Caribbean
airline pilots, but they have a commercial Airlines. Although the discussions have
license. They explained that Costa Rican pilots Capt. Borris Delancy (RVP CAR/East) started, they still have a long way to go. The
are having difficulties in getting their ATP airline has announced that in the first quarter
license and that there is no specific and he CAR/East region of 2016, it will cancel its London flight and
well-defined explanation about their working Thas not seen any retire the Boeing 767-300 from its fleet and
conditions and base salaries. These young positive change in 2015 return it to the leaser. Leeward Pilots (LIALPA)
pilots have already taken the steps to meet with due to the lack of management has informed the association that
their government trying to solve the issues contractual talks. Pilots’ as of January 1 2016, 12 pilots will be laid off
regarding the obtention of an ATP license and associations are being and will only be re-hired after the addition of
the minimum salary for pilots in the region. forced into a position ATR72, expected for September 2016. The
An overwhelming number of airline pilots in where they are consider- association has been involved in several legal
the region was not part of any association due ing industrial actions, actions against the company, which have
to the fact that their job can be at stake. Costa but are unsure if they impacted the association negatively. An
Rica currently does not have a local airline, and would even get the arbitration award that was agreed by LIAT and
years ago there used to be an airline pilots’ as- reaction needed from their airlines, since these LIALPA is still not implemented, but progress
sociation. However, the local companies had are government-owned. The associations are has been made in recent meetings regarding
declared “war” against the association and it left with two difficult choice, either take amendments.
has closed its doors ever since then. IFALPA industrial actions or go to court. However, Cayman Airways showed a profit of $3M
has encouraged the pilots to take the first steps taking legal actions causes the associations to for the 2014 fiscal year. Most of it is attributed
in starting an association based on the deplete its financial resources. to the purchase of the B737-300 aircraft to cut
technical aspect of aviation. Only later can the Bahamas ALPA is still embroiled in a down on expenses. However, training
group start promoting the social benefits, contract negotiation ever since December continues to be a struggle and the hiring of
through seminars, of being part of an associa- 2014. Furthermore, industrial issues continue contract pilots appears immenent.
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