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For a Safer Industry

FALPA is so much more than the small, hardworking team in Montreal or the elected
IExecutive Board members – it is the collected wisdom of hundreds of volunteers, each
with thousands of hours of professional experience who represent a hundred thousand
pilots from right across the globe. It is this broad based team which can produce the wide
ranging and forward looking positions described in this issue of InterPilot.
Read about the depth and richness of the relationship with Boeing safety specialists. The
hand of friendly support which reaches across a region to a growing pilot association,
offering help in its early development.
IFALPA seeks to safeguard the safety of current passengers and crew and those who live
under the flight path, as remotely piloted aircraft systems develop in size and number. Our
global Federation is looking to the future to ensure our phenomenally safe industry
becomes ever safer. Although the development of commercial ‘drones’ is fast gathering pace,
it is the explosion of ever more sophisticated ‘toys’ which potentially poses the largest
increased risk to current manned aircraft and their passengers.
Capt. Martin Chalk
IFALPA is working closely with regulators at ICAO and national level to ensure that our
President, IFALPA members can continue to deliver their passengers safely to business and leisure destinations
in all four corners of the globe. That is the mission of every professional pilot of every
IFALPA Member Association – to fly our aircraft to the highest levels of safety possible.
I hope you enjoy reading our journal.

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