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IFALPA ADO Committee
Meeting in Everett with Boeing

he 2015 ADO Committee meeting took place from 29 of June to the 1 of July at
TBoeing’s Longacres facilities, following the kind invitation from Captain Mark
Feuerstein, Boeing’s representative to ADO. This really was an outstanding and
generous gesture, as Boeing not only provided a meeting room, but also lunches every
day, one dinner and, last but not least, a full tour of the Boeing factory in Everett, along
with coach transport.
The tour offered the ADO Committee a unique opportunity to have a behind-the-
scenes look at the assembly lines and see Boeing aircraft in various stages of being
outfitted and painted for airline customers in a building which is, by volume, the
largest in the world. In particular, the Committee received a detailed briefing on the
B787 Dreamliner.
All these efforts were rewarded by a higher-than-normal attendance of 32
delegates, including three Executive Committee members who had the opportunity to
meet with Captain Craig Bomben, Boeing’s Vice-President of Flight Operations. The
Born in Hamburg, Germany, SFO Nikolaus Committee was very impressed with Boeing’s hospitality and presented Captain
Braun once dreamt of becoming a search and rescue Feuerstein with a gift.
helicopter pilot. As times went on, he quickly ADO’s hot topics are still flight controls, RPAS, environmental issues and runway
realized that the only possible way to fulfill this excursions. The subject of Electronic Flight Control Systems (EFCS) was extensively
dream was to join the air force or the army. Both discussed again, with a great presentation from the French manufacturer SAGEM on
options were not of interest to him and, “active side-sticks”, which concluded with an invitation to ADO to “fly” the system at
consequently, he changed his mind and set course to SAGEM’s headquarters near Paris. Another part of the meeting focused on
become an airline pilot. Braun did his flight training environmental issues, with Captain Brons presenting the final version of the IFALPA
in Bremen at Lufthansa’s pilot school. Along with Position Paper on Safe and Sustainable Aviation. SEPLA introduced a new
studying to become an airline pilot, he also studied environmental project which Captain Brons will further look into on behalf of the
aeronautical engineering at Bremen University of Committee.
Applied Science. In the meantime, he joined Finally, there were substantial discussions on RPAS, with a thorough briefing of
Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), German ALPA. Captain Mildenberger on the latest initiatives and developments, including EASA’s
On March 2003, he became First Officer and flew Concept of Operations. A number of Position Papers are being finalized, and the
the A300 for Lufthansa, and on April of the same Chairman has introduced a new concept of “milestones” to ensure that the work keeps
year, he joined the Aircraft Design & Operations its momentum.
(ADO) group of VC. There was no doubt that Braun The 2016 ADO meeting is scheduled to take place in Jerusalem, Israel, at the kind
would join the ADO group, which was led at the invitation of ISRALPA. The exact dates are still being discussed but are likely to be
time by Capt. Peter Dehning and co-chaired by Capt. around mid-June.
Frank Muller-Nalbach and Capt. Stefan Wolf,
current IFALPA Executive Vice President Technical
& Safety Standards. Within the ADO group, Braun
specialized in two fields: Human Machine Interface
and Wake Vortex. The following year, Dehning and
Muller-Nalbach suggested that Braun join the
IFALPA ADO committee due to his extensive
knowledge and experience in the field. Following
their suggestions, Braun attended the first IFALPA
ADO meeting in 2004 held in Nordwijkerhout,
Netherlands; and it was then that he decided to join
the committee while working as a synthetic flight
instructor for the A300 and flying for Lufthansa.
During the 2015 IFALPA Conference held in
Madrid, Braun was elected as ADO committee
chairman, being one of the youngest chairmen in
IFALPA history. The ADO committee meeting that
took place recently in Everett, Washington, was the
first that he attended as a chairman.
Photo Courtesy of Stefan Wolf
The ADO Committee at the Boeing Company
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