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We are all IFALPA:

A Call For Unity

oon we will meet for Conference 2015 to be held with our friends at SEPLA in Madrid,
SSpain. I hope you can join us in Madrid. There is plenty to discuss, starting with our
fifth edition of the Global Pilots’ Symposium (GPS) and continuing through plenary,
committee and regional meetings. Your active participation is not only desired and
important, but is essential to the success of IFALPA.
Over the past four years, I have often been asked what IFALPA is and what we do. But
rarely am I asked “who is IFALPA”? So, who is IFALPA? The staff and officers? I think as we
work through our agenda and topics this year in Madrid, we will simply see that IFALPA is
all of us. I firmly believe that if there is one thing we have learned over the past decade, it
would be the simple fact that when we work together in a well-coordinated, simply
Capt Don Wykoff communicated manner, we find measurable success. When you ask yourself, “who is
President, IFALPA
IFALPA?”, please realize it is all of us, not just the elected committee chairs, regional
representatives, executive board or staff, but each and every one of us. When we fully
embrace that we are all IFALPA, only then can we achieve the unity and develop the
synergy we must have to meet the challenges we face.
One of those challenges is the recent loss of Germanwings Flight 9525. When a loss like
this occurs, it affects us all and what makes it particularly difficult is when the investigative
process fails to follow internationally accepted standards. It is a disappointment to us all
when CVR data is leaked or other evidence is prematurely made public, causing speculation
with the potential to undermine a proper accident investigation. This is one of those times
where we need to stand together with a single purpose and message to ensure that accepted
standards of accident investigation are followed.
Speaking of unity and creating synergy, I think you will find the articles in this edition
of InterPilot to be very helpful as we prepare to meet these challenges, starting with our
work at this year’s Conference in Madrid. Please review them as you prepare for Conference
2015 and beyond.
This is my last article as President of IFALPA. I want to take the opportunity to thank
each of you for your support over the past four years. We have accomplished a lot together,
but there remains much to do. As you select a new team and president, please give them the
same support and friendship you blessed me with.

It has truly been an honor and a pleasure.

Capt Don Wykoff
President, IFALPA

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