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IFALPA Professional & Government Affairs

Air transport has evolved dramatically in the last pilots, we are increasingly participating in an industry
20 years with the development of Low Cost Carriers that is global in scope, and our professional careers are
(LCCs), Transnational Airlines, the rising impact of impacted by both global and local concerns.
the Gulf Airlines, and the dramatic reshaping of the in- Success in the industrial arena requires a strategic
dustry through restructuring, mergers, joint-ventures, approach and engaging numerous stakeholders (Gov-
Alliances, and the disappearance of hundreds of vener- ernment, Regulators, International Organizations,
able airlines. Companies) at the local, national, and international
Our industrial sphere has been impacted as well. level to advance our interests. Tis can only be done
In the face of ferce competition, airline managements if the Industrial Committee broadens the scope of its
are implementing severe cost-cutting strategies. As a policy guidance to include a robust Government Afairs
consequence, pilots’ employment contracts are under strategy. In order to properly refect this mission, the
constant pressure. Tere is a growing trend to place pi- Committee agreed to be renamed to the “Professional
lots on individual contracts and circumvent collectively and Government Afairs Committee”, and the decision
bargained agreements. However, pilots’ unions are not was approved by IFALPA’s Executive Board in Decem-
shaken and remain resolved to meet these challenges. ber 2014.
It is the duty of IFALPA, “the Global Voice of Pilots”, Let 2015 be the year IFALPA takes of. Te expanded
to refect the quick evolution of today’s aviation world, role of the Professional and Government Afairs Com-
being on a local, national and global scale. As airline mittee is one step making that happen.



Their New


Te European Cockpit Associa-
tion (ECA) announced the elec- Puzzle Solutions:
tion of Captain Dirk Polloczek
as their new President. Te
unanimous nomination took
place at the ECA November
General Assembly, in Brussels.
Dirk Polloczek has previously
served as a member of the VC
Board, and recently, as the ECA
Board Director for Professional
Photo from the ECA website Afairs.

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