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The Gulf Flight Safety Council (GFSC)

The Gulf Flight Safety Council From these humble beginnings, The vision of the GFSC is to:
is a regional not-for-profit group, the GFSC has grown into a diverse ■ Pursue the highest standards
made up of aviation organization consisting of of aviation safety for the
organizations. It is primarily members from all over the region region.
established to promote the and around the world, including ■ Maintain a website to
improvement of safety in the manufacturers, regulators, air facilitate the free exchange of
GCC region. traffic service providers, business aviation safety data.
The Council was formed in jets and VVIP operators, airlines
■ Maintain an appropriate
early 2000 over a cup of coffee in and cargo operators, and many liaison with other Bodies
Oman, when a small group of more. concerned with aviation
individuals sought to establish a The GFSC is open to any safety.
focus for Gulf regional flight organization that shares the same
safety issues. vision and objectives.
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GCAS hosts first joint IFALPA/GFSC meeting

From October 13th to 16th of 2014, the Gulf
Centre for Aviation Studies (GCAS) hosted the
frst ever joint meeting of IFALPA’s Accident
Analysis and Prevention (AAP) Committee
and the Gulf Flight Safety Council (GFSC) at Al
Bateen Executive Airport in the UAE capital of
Abu Dhabi.
Te four-day event, organized by Mr. Da-
vid Studden (GCAS Senior Manager), Cap-
tain Mark Trotter (GFSC General Secretary)
and Captain Arnaud du Bédat (IFALPA Se-
nior Technical Ofcer) was attended by over
50 aircraf accident investigators and aviation Photo courtesy of IFALPA
safety professionals from 26 countries, includ- Chairman of the GFSC, and Captain Pete Kaumanns, Chairman
ing representatives from the Abu Dhabi Police of the AAP Committee, stressed the strong focus on safety mat-
Air Wing, Dubai Air Navigation Services, Ac- ters shared by both groups, and looked forward to an ongoing
cident Investigation Branch of the Gulf CAA, and growing partnership. Captain Stefan Wolf, Executive Vice
Emirates, Etihad, Amiri Flight, Saudi Arabian President of Technical Standards, conveyed IFALPA Executive
Airlines, Saudi Aramco, FAA, Nexus, Airbus, Board’s support for this initiative, while Captain Souhaiel Dallel,
Boeing, Embraer, IATA and McLarens Aviation. Executive Vice President for the Africa and Middle East Region
Tis was a great opportunity for IFALPA to (AFI/MID), and Captain Rola Hoteit, Regional Vice President
interact with the regional airlines and aviation MID/East, pledged to continue expanding the safety role of the
organizations. Captain Mohammed Malatani, Federation in the Gulf Region.

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