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IFALPA witnesses the creation of

China ALPA’s ADO Committee

Photo courtesy of IFALPA

On the 17th of November 2014, A full fight simulator session
an IFALPA Delegation was led by was also organized followed by a
President Captain Don Wykof and full brief on both the C919 and the
ADO Chairman, Captain Bill de ARJ21 projects. Te visit ended with
Groh, to visit the headquarters of an ofcial dinner.
the Commercial Aircraf Corpora- On the next day, November 18th,
tion of China (COMAC), a Chinese which was also the frst day of the
aircraf manufacturer located in ADO Committee meeting, the
Shanghai. Te visit was organized whole Committee was invited by
by Captain Kevin Parker, COMAC’s China Airline Pilots’ Association
Deputy Chief Engineer and Repre- (ChALPA) to an ofcial ceremony,
sentative to the ADO Committee, marking the creation of ChALPA’s
and was hosted by COMAC’s Vice ADO Committee. Tere was a num-
President. It gave the Federation an ber of speakers from China’s Civil
IFALPA’s President, Don Wykoff, opportunity to strengthen its links Aviation Authority and other avia-
with the General Secretary of ChAL- with COMAC and discuss future tion Bodies, with Captain Wykof
PA, Dongsheng Zhao. cooperation in the feld of aircraf and Captain de Groh also presenting

design. Te IFALPA Delegates were and expressing IFALPA’s support for
also given the chance to see the this new ChALPA Committee, and
C919 cockpit mock-up and share its future involvement in the Feder-
with COMAC’s Chief Pilot their ation’s activities.
frst impressions on the layout.

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