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IFALPA’S EVP NAM, Chris Lynch,
and RVP NOP, Brian Legge,

give InterPilot a synopsis of the
activities that occured in the past year

within their respective region.

well as drawing special attention to has efectively pressed for adequate
state-owned and oversea enterpris- funding of the Federal Flight Deck
es that face little or no taxation and Ofcer program.
regulation. On the representational front,
Furthermore, the Association the union welcomed the 2,600-plus
gathered international support pilots of JetBlue Airways as mem-
for their campaign against the bers of the union. And in Canada,
fag-of-convenience business model: ALPA’s lobbying eforts successfully
Norwegian Air International (NAI). contributed to a major overhauling
It continues its aggressive eforts to of the Temporary Foreign Worker
persuade the U.S. Department of Program and a ban on the carriage
Transportation to deny a foreign of lithium metal battery shipments
air carrier permit to Norwegian Air on passenger fights. Te Associ-
Chris Lynch International. Te union will con- ation also worked on developing
Executive Vice President tinue to expose this issue and other meaningful relationships with oth-
North America (EVP NAM)
emerging aviation business models er industry stakeholders in order to
that could decimate the entire North build consensus on policy matters
American airline industry. 1 that promote U.S. and Canadian air-
he Air Lines Pilots Associa- In conjunction with the cam- lines, and the airline pilot profession
Ttion (ALPA) and the U.S. air- paign, ALPA called on Congress to as a whole.
line industry started 2014 under new increase oversight of the Export-Im- Finally, on October 2014, ALPA’s
science-based fight-time/duty-time port Bank of the United States and Board of Directors voted in the next
(FTDT) regulations, representing a to reduce or eliminate funding of slate of National Ofcers: ALPA
signifcant victory for safety and the wide-body aircraf for foreign carri- President, Tim Canoll; First Vice
traveling public in the United States; ers. Tese legislative and regulatory President Joe DePete; Vice President
by updating decades-old regula- challenges, and more, can be found Admin/Sect Bill Couette; and Vice
tions. Te union continues to advo- at President Finance/Treasurer Randy
cate that these new rules extend to Among its many campaigns, Helling. Te New Year looks prom-
all airline pilots vehemently oppos- ALPA redefned the news-media ising for both IFALPA and ALPA.
ing the cargo-carve out. narrative, spotlighting an impend-
During the year, ALPA launched ing pilot shortage and properly re-
the comprehensive “Save Our Skies” defning it as a pilot pay shortage. 1
See corresponding website and
public awareness campaign to gar- Te Association spearheaded the the whiteboard video that has nearly 15,000
ner broader support for a nation- continuous expansion of the Known hits on Youtube.
wide aviation policy, supporting Crewmember program along with 2 See website and the
domestic carriers and the need for a no-uniform requirement that corresponding whiteboard video that has more
a level competitive playing feld, as launched on January 13th, and it than 50,000 hits on Youtube.

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